Godzin AI

Maximize sales and customer lifetime value


Predict the future

Godzin AI calculates, with extreme precision, demand and customer behavior. It tells you which customers you should pursue and how to maximize your sales win rates.

  • Identify cross-selling and up-selling opportunities

    Provide more value to your exisiting customers.

  • Identify new customer opportunities

    Know the purchase likelihoods of leads and customers.

  • Recommend the right products

    Products or product bundles that maximize value.

  • Follow proven strategy

    Discover sales strategies that have worked in the past.

  • Optimize pricing

    Pricing optimizations for each customer.

  • Predict and reduce churn

    Detect early indications of churn and retain valuable customers

  • Next best action

    Find the most optimal path to increase sales

  • Identify selling opportunities

    Godzin AI uncovers cross-selling, up-selling and new customer acquisition opportunities from your existing data with exceptional accuracy. It also predicts the purchase likelihoods of these customers and leads so that you can confidently prioritize your sales pipelines and successfully close more deals. With Godzin AI you will multiply your sales win rates by 3x, 6x or more depending on the predictive power of your historical data.

  • selling opportunities
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  • Recommend the right products

    Godzin AI recommends the products and product combos that fit the needs of your target leads and customers and that maximize sales win rates, CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) and customer satisfaction. Reduce waste and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with Godzin AI's recommendation engine.

  • Follow proven strategies

    A business is successful due to the unique sales and marketing practices that define its distinct relationship with its customers. More often these unique practices are obscured and lost, especially, in a mature organization. Godzin AI identifies those unique practices so that your sales teams can reuse strategies that have worked in the past and share knowledge to work as one unit.

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  • Optimize pricing

    Are you losing sales due to incorrect pricing? Godzin AI can calculate the right pricing that increases sales and CLV. Our sales prediction engine analyzes, with exceptional accuracy, your customer profiles and sales histories to calculate the perfect product mixes and pricing that maximizes sales win rates and CLV.

  • Predict and reduce churn

    Godzin AI predicts behaviors and patterns of customers that are red flags for churn. It then alerts you and your team, who can proactively take action to reduce churn and maximize CLV. The AI engine also prescribes retention strategies to reduce churn.

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Our early adopters

Godzin AI has increased sales win rates at Fortune 500 firms by 3-6x and reduced sales research and analysis hours by 60-90%.

  • Warner Bros
  • Microsoft

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