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  • At Godzin AI we are always finding new use cases in different areas of business for our AI and machine learning innovations. We have years of experience in Data Science, AI, Machine Learning and Data Architecture and we specialize in making our complex data driven solutions accessible and actionable for our end users. Our AI driven sales analytics engine has been tried and tested by Fortune 500 firms like Oracle where we have helped them garner hundreds of millions in additional revenue. Godzin AI directly impacts your revenue by identifying hidden demand and predicting churn. Every organization is unique in its work practices and knowledge management and we work together with our clients to deliver them a sustainable product that delivers value by leveraging those unique characteristics of their organization.

  • Most AI projects fail or have a low ROI because they are not implemented to be readily actionable for end users. We understand the risks in AI implementation and therefore, we follow you through the entire journey; AI data architecture, product implementation and final solution delivery that is actionable and ready to use for the end users. AI is the next step of human advancement. AI helps people to do more with less. Invest in the AI technology that saves you time and money and empowers you to take action. Unlike many AI solution providers, Godzin AI delivers an end-to-end solution that delivers value that is actionable from day 1.

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