A team that delivers

Decades of industry experience and tech expertise

Suraj Gaikwad

Chief Executive Officer | LinkedIn

  • Suraj has extensive track record as an R&D engineer at General Electric and now ABB with a focus on manufacturing process improvements and resource management of manufacturing facilities. He was previously involved in the development of risk management softwares for financial institutions with Joaquin.

  • Suraj has collaborated in the past with many engineers for several early stage ventures in which he has advised and helped with the MVP and POC of the products and garnering investor interests. He has a true entrepreneurial personality characterized in fast development and testing of MVPs and bringing people together to work toward a common goal.

Joaquin Marques

Chief Information Officer | LinkedIn

  • Joaquin has more than 30 years of experience as the Chief Data Scientist, Chief Data Architect and in various other engineering functions in firms such as Oracle, Citi Group, IBM, Bell Labs etc. He is an expert in mathematical modelling, NLP, predictive and prescriptive analytics, AI and automation systems.

  • He has developed several valuable products in AI and Machine Learning for his previous employers and clients and has patents in query processing and content filtering of electronic documents. Joaquin has a very unique talent of explaining the most obscure technical concepts to stakeholders, gathering their trust through clear communication and transparency.

Jeevan Gaikwad

Chief Revenue Officer | LinkedIn

  • Jeevan is a graduate in mathematics and economics. He has expertise in sales and marketing strategies, enterprise software sales and finance through his experiences in various tech firms in India, US and France such as Criteo, Fives, Elastic Search and Housing.com.

  • In the last 2 years he has built and sold two products, one algorithm to refine tenant search for landlords in Paris, France and another to up-skill non-tech entrepreneurs in building web applications for their MVPs and in networking, product positioning and identifying product-market fit.